Low wages = no recovery. Suck on that, Rick.

He walks tall, he talks tall, he sucks a mean corn dog in Iowa but, as Paul Krugman notes, Rick Perry is merely another Republican liar when it comes to economic recovery…

2 thoughts on “Low wages = no recovery. Suck on that, Rick.

  1. The election of 2012 is not about who will be our next president. The oligarchy has already chosen Obama for that job and he is a shoe-in for re-election. The 2012 election is all about defeating House and Senate Democrats. With the Republicans in charge of both Houses of Congress, Obama will be forced to “compromise” the middle-class into oblivion. Bye bye Social Security. Bye bye Medicare. Bye bye to all the good paying jobs. Hello war. “We the people” are being conned by the oligarchy and their “boy” Obama.

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