Wild night

Crazy. First of all, as I headed south on 95 to Delaware, I was driving into an immense lightning storm. I also saw something I’d never seen before: the huge orange setting sun, blocked out by the storm clouds so that it looked like it was floating in some big purple ball of gas.

The storm was really, really bad. I slammed into it at the airport and I couldn’t see more than a few yards. Everyone slowed down to 20mph or so; I wished I’d thought to get into the right lane so I could pull over and wait out the storm, but I didn’t. Instead, I inched along through the center lane. It even started to hail, and I was praying that it didn’t smash my windshield.

Anyway, finally got to the World Cafe in one piece and I have to say, Matt’s show was so good, I forgot all about the drive. It’s such a relief when someone you know is that good; you’re not fumbling for something positive to say. And the crowd loved him. Opening act Jacobs Hill joined Matt’s band on stage for a finale of “The Weight,” and then the magic was over.

So I came home. Now I’m going to bed. Goodnight!