2 thoughts on “Marx was right

  1. No matter how good the MOTU get at inventing unicorns to keep the Monopoly money in ample supply, in the end, they are too clever by half. “Superstructure forces” is econo-babble for “feedback loops.”

    These links/charts from the article should make the rounds:


  2. The working class spent most of the twentieth century trying to claw back some of the wealth that had been taken from them by the royalty since about 1300. I guess they figured they had some kind of right to it since they had died by the millions in the royalty’s wars and they knew how to get guns and fight. But sometime at the end of the century they decided that this process had gone far enough, and they started to take some of it back. It appears that in the last few years they have taken steps to go in for the kill and take away the fundamental structures of the working class’s security system: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public worker jobs and pensions.

    You have to hand it to them. They have done a great job stopping any trends toward equality and prosperity, killing regulations on business and diverting tax money to support their bad investment decisions. They have completely taken over the political system all the way to the top and eliminated any possibility of a movement to protect Social Security and the rest.

    As Jon Stewart put it, “The free ride for the poor is over.” The Heritage Institute has proven it: “If you think you are poor now, you have got no idea how poor real poverty can be.”

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