Kensington badlands

All this is within only a few minutes’ drive of my house, but it’s like another planet. Kensington is one of the major drop points for the East coast heroin trade. We need to stop spending all this money on the charade of the drug war, and put it into the living, breathing human beings who need help:

2 thoughts on “Kensington badlands

  1. Yes, we do. All of it should be legalized and take the frakkin money out of it. But, that won’t ever happen because of all the money that’s in it – and not just for the Gangsters.

  2. That’s correct lella, the cops, the courts, parole, bail bondsmen, lawyers, and the prison system – that whole side of where the money goes rarely comes up for debate.
    The war on drugs is all about keeping the money rolling into law enforcement and circulating it via the courts and decidedly NOT about helping these poor humans with their misery or disease.

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