The death of bin Laden

Investigative reporter Russ Baker has been marginalized because he’s dared to ask questions “real” journalists aren’t supposed to touch (like who really killed Jack Kennedy).

Now he’s writing about the many holes in the official version(s) of the death of bin Laden. Fascinating:

This may sound too technical for your taste, but the takeaway point is that fundamental realignments are afoot in that vast, massively-funded, powerful and secretive part of the US government that is treated by the corporate press almost as if it does not exist. The tales of internal intrigue that we do not hear would begin to provide us with the real narratives that are not ours to have.

If this were an actual democracy, we could talk about why bin Laden was killed on sight. But that wouldn’t be appropriate under the circumstances, right?

5 thoughts on “The death of bin Laden

  1. He masterminded the 9/11 attacks. Isn’t that reason enough?
    I mean, bad is bad, right?

  2. Assassination is against international law, which used to mean something. But they didn’t want him to have his day in court, probably because he had all kinds of embarrassing information about his days as a CIA operative in Afghanistan.

  3. Those of us who have done any reporting, professionally, find Nicholas Schmidle’s story to be… well, an exercise in b.s.

    There is *no way* he could have had that depth of detail in his reporting while not being there on the mission, and not having directly interviewed any of the SEAL team that was there.

    The real question is: Because this is obviously a cover story employed to CYA someone (probably John Brennan), *WHY FOR GOD SAKES* did an esteemed publication, “The New Yorker,” which has such high standards of checking, agree to publish it?

    The answer, unfortunately, reveals a lot about the co-option of almost all commercial media in the US… even including the magazine that was once the home for Seymour Hersh.

  4. Somebody was killed, anyhow. Beyond that, I have doubts about the whole story. Hell, I even have doubts about whether UBL was responsible for 9/11. This doubt is what you get when there is no evidence, no trial and no process of law. All you have is an assertion by an authority, and we know by now that this authority will say anything to serve its own purposes. This is not the country I was brought up to believe in.

  5. Why participate in any opinion mongering or even commenting on blogs if you cannot believe anything you see, hear, or read? Even since 9/11, there has been an entire generation of Washington technocrats, military types, journamalists, editors, illustrators, writers of fiction, liars, rouges, bloggers, and pissants of all stripe, creed, color, and intellectual level making their career bones on the blood spilled that day. Such are the parasites we have become, producing nothing but materials upon which to build resumes. They depend on the fear circus continuing, at least until they can make their 20, or 25, or 30, or whatever the fuque and retire. If 9/11 was a lie, so was the response to it, as well as all things that flow from that response. Considering that our biggest export is protection and our largest industry is the military, be careful what you wish for…

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