‘Drug corners’ story makes a sobering point

PW’s “Top 10 drug corners” is an important story because its underlying point is that it’s impossible to do any reporting — and, more importantly, policing — that would significantly discourage the sale and use of illegal drugs, especially where “neighborhood-sustaining jobs” have disappeared forever.

2 thoughts on “‘Drug corners’ story makes a sobering point

  1. A friend made a comment many years ago about the entreprenuerial spirit of drug dealers and how it was too bad they never had a chance to succeed in school and then work in legitimate businesses and that by doing so we provided bad role models for children.

  2. odd man out, do you know the story about LA’s, ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross and his Contra drug connections? The amount of product coming out of the poppy fields of Afghanistan has increased 100 fold since the USA invaded the place. Doesn’t the CIA operate freely in Afghanistan?

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