PSA for Kitty Lovers

My son Sam just went back to his mom’s place for the rest of the summer, after spending two three-week stints down here. It was a successful visit in so many ways: he had an excellent time, he was introduced to New York City, he got to have a mohawk, and he FINALLY learned to love cats, making friends with my two furry friends Henry and Elvis.

I live in a pretty poor area of the city, and one area in which we are plagued is the multitude of feral cats. The task of catching and neutering every fertile female and male on the block is beyond my means (especially the females, which require a week to heal), so instead I keep an eye out for kittens and younger cats that can be (or are already) socialized. I’ve adopted out about three this way.

One of the more adventurous kittens showed up on my back porch during Sam’s visit, an orange tabby mix who’s clearly related to my Elvis, but with much shorter hair. I called my kid to the door. “Hey Sam, new kitty!” As the boy approached the screen I asked him, “What do you think we should call him?”

Sam took one look at the kitty and laughed. “His name is ‘Small-y’,” he said. And so he is.

Over the past two weeks, Smally’s learned to eat out of my hand, sits on my leg, and is getting more and more socialized every day.

And you know what?

Smally needs a home. If you live in Philly, let’s get in touch. I am happy to split the cost of his shots with you (at the Girard Animal Hospital, it’s only like $60.00). he won’t need to be neutered for another few months, and I’ll help with that too.

7 thoughts on “PSA for Kitty Lovers

  1. Small-y is a cute-y! Don’t have personal experience with the Philadelphia Community Cats Council ( ) but they might be able to help you with Small-y… not to mention all his “extended family” of ferals.

    (Please excuse this comment if you’re already familiar with the Trap / Neuter / Return / Management movement.)

  2. Oh, how I wish this baby was in Oakland!
    We just adopted an entirely adorable kitty from a rescue organization, but (don’t tell my Honey) we’re still open to adopting a little boy-kitten.
    See, my oldest cat, William (well, Billy), already had 2 females around him. I think he was ready for a younger male, and that’s what we strived for in our adoption saga.
    Yet, here she was. Princess (now named Sasha, for Sasha FIERCE, think Beyonce)
    If this little guy was here in Oakland – I’d take him in a minute, against all financial odds.
    I hope you find a good home for him..

  3. Oh and also too as well, guilt-trip Mr. Eschaton, aka Duncan Black.
    He bought a house, he has a cat (or two) already. Not sure if he grew up Catholic, but if so, the guilt trip really really works!!

  4. i’m unemployed anne laurie, and can’t afford the spaying operations (more to the point, I don’t have the space or time for a female cat’s recovery period).

    i may wind up with a 3rd cat, but i don’t want to.

  5. Lovely PSA Brendan. Good for you all. The Phillycats site looks promising. Maybe they can help ‘outsource’ a crash place for kitty’s recovery. Good luck!

  6. I’m working over a friend in Philly that’s a cat lover. Hopefully I can convince her that a fifth cat would be a great move. 😉

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