Everybody wants it.

Kevin Drum, talking about Jon Chait, talking about Everybody. Wants. Obama. To. Stand. Up.

It’s amazing that a plurality wants Obama to confront the GOP more strongly. Want to see something even more amazing? You’re seeing non-trivial numbers of Republicans say that Obama should stand up to the Republicans.

There’s more deeper in, about a Pew survey that shows even republicans don’t like republicans, except for Romney and Perry:

Of the party’s best-known possible candidates, only Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have broad potential appeal: 54% of registered voters who have heard of Romney say there is a good chance (16%) or some chance (38%) they would vote for the former Massachusetts governor. Nearly half (47%) say there is at least some chance they would vote for Perry, though an identical percentage (47%) says there is no chance they will support Perry.

One thought on “Everybody wants it.

  1. Stand up to the Rethuglicans? Shit. He is Republican, the best President Republicans could have wished for.

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