11 thoughts on “Hi kids

  1. Good news that you’re back home, but “running around”…? Fast walk if you must, or call in a favor from one of your neighbors and *take it easy* for a while! It’s easy–recline on couch, put feet up, veg out watching an old movie. And stay away from heart-aggravating political stoopidity!

    Glad you’re okay, Susie.

  2. Yeah! Welcome Home!

    Hurricane has unreal timing. I WAS going east for the week, but my plane arrived at the same time as hurricane force winds. At first, I thought, cool something new to experience. Then I thought, Jeeezuz that’s stupid.

  3. You’re home! I’ve been worried all day.

    Stay safe, and as other posters have said, NO RUNNING.

    Jim Cantore is in Manhattan, so I think you’re safer in Philly.

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