He really is the world’s biggest asshole:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is insisting that “any potential emergency disaster aid be offset by spending cuts.” Huffington Post reports that “Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring on Friday declined to say where Republicans would look to make cuts to pay for a potential storm aid package.” Speaker John Boehner’s spokesperson “ducked the question altogether when asked if Boehner agreed with Cantor’s call for offsets for emergency aid.” Boehner and Cantor’s position is “a break from a bipartisan tradition” of immediately appropriating funds to help those in need following a natural disaster.

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  1. How about we take the cuts out of his paycheck. [Or his ass. Take your pick.] Cantor is a measly cocksucker, a dog who will have his political day, because what goes around, comes around, in the retarded, out-of-touch politician sense. (Metaphorically speaking of course.)
    Here in C-ville, Va., we’re taking a pass on this storm so far. Low, fast-moving clouds, a few sprinkles this morning, breezy and warm. Godspeed to everyone else, stay safe.

  2. Hey I’ve got a cut for him, support for flood insurance on barrier islands that were never meant to be built on but were natures protection for the shoreline.

  3. I think we’ve got the winning commercial for a Democratic sweep of the North Carolina elections at least – if not the entire Eastern Seaboard. Plus, all the flooded areas around the Mississippi/Missouri rivers.

    Voiceover: “When disaster strikes their fellow citizens, Democrats say “how can I help”? Republicans say “not my problem.”

    It’d also be nice to buy some radio time in some of the Bible Belt and ask “is that what Jesus would do? Really?”

  4. I hope Virginia Beach, Newport Beach, and every other coastal town and city in Virginia is LEVELED. I hope the burbs that surround DC are flooded so deep that everyone is homeless.

    I hope the destruction is so bad, that Virginia has to shut down. And then I want to watch Eric Cantor flap his gums.

  5. Cantor is such a cum-guzzler. The cuts to make are simple: campaign finance. Confiscate all the ‘war chests’ and lobbyist money and redirect to disaster relief. Campaigns should be publicly financed anyway, so they don’t really need the money.
    If they come up short, once they’ve cleaned out congressional reserves, we can just cancel the occupation of Iraq. Bring home the Billion$$$ and rebuild America.

  6. Repukes will only help if they see profit for themselves. Successful blackmailers stay blackmailers. Corporate assholes stay assholes. They have the characteristic blackhole instead of a conscience like all conservatives, and are quite willing to stand by and watch any number of Americans suffer and die. You can predict it like the sunrise.

  7. I am screaming here, excuse me, but isn’t there someone with a brain that can inform this man that that is not the way the U.S. governnment works? We do not ever deny states emergency management assistance? And we certainly don’t do it with strings attached. This is just an opportunity for this little peckwood to act the big shot. Jesus. What have we wrought?

  8. Cantor is an idiot. Virginia already missed out on Federal disaster funds once for the tornados that whipped through Pulaski County.

    Apparently Cantor wants to try for round 2 of Virginia going it alone with his insistence of offsets.

  9. As dependable as sunrise. Liebertarians are just another soulless conservative cult. Ron Paul: “We should be like 1900; we should be like 1940, 1950, 1960, I live on the Gulf Coast; we deal with hurricanes all the time.” Six thousand lives lost (the number actually killed by a hurricane in Galveston in 1900) or six million is no big deal. The statement confirms two deeply held beliefs; conservatives embody heartless, black evil, and Texans are brain dead for electing a turd that would more than willing to stand by and watch your children drown.

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