Irene isn’t over, by the way.

There are places where things are still happening. From the BBC;

Soldiers have been airlifting storm-relief supplies to Vermont towns which remain cut off after the trail of destruction left by Irene.

More than 200 roads are blocked or washed away in Vermont, hampering rescue efforts to 13 towns.

Irene killed 44 people in 13 US states, according to the Associated Press, and caused billions of dollars’ damage.

About half of the 6.7 million utility customers on the east coast who lost power still have no electricity.

Vermont is reeling from its worst floods since 1927, and officials warned some rivers and creeks there had yet to crest.

One thought on “Irene isn’t over, by the way.

  1. Some power crews working in NJ have come all the way from Kansas. Kansas!

    And some of the rivers have yet to crest…

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