Just an idea.

I know that nobody has any money. But.

The shelter here in town has run out of funds to help clients buy furniture and housewares, so if you have anything like that you might consider calling your local domestic abuse or homeless shelter. Our local community support program has a new kitchen but no kitchen stuff – another place to think about in your community.

Volunteering labor would be great, too. Shelters have plumbing and electrical wiring and things that need to be nailed in place or tilled up or whatever.

2 thoughts on “Just an idea.

  1. Sort of OT: A few years ago I saw a “wanted” on Freecycle from an EMT unit in lower Manhattan. The FDNY had renovated the unit’s location and given them an all new kitchen but they didn’t supply the stuff to use in a kitchen. You know: pots, pans, utensils, plates, glasses, etc. I’d been cleaning through my kitchen to declutter and had several bags of stuff. So I answered the guy who’d posted. It felt good to help them.

    I’ll research locations in my area, and hold the shelter in mind for my next round of decluttering. I don’t know if they still do it, but at one time HousingWorks (an AIDS charity) would accept donations not just for their thrift shops but for their clients, too. I gave them a load of twin sized linens.

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