One thought on “The austerity economy

  1. It seems to me that “austerity” is the opposite of “prosperity”, and the powers that rule over up are trying to make it clear that there is no more prosperity in our future. No more good times – just hard times. The good times were bad for us, they corrupted our character and made us weak and self-indulgent, and we need a good dose of hardship and discipline to get us back in shape.

    Prosperity is not around the corner. It is not even on the map. The “American Dream” is dead. There was once a morning in America, but the sun is going down fast. What the hell happened, and who is going to tell the children?

    Ironically, the ones who will do the best in these coming times, are the people already on the bottom who are used to scrounging to survive. The recessions don’t bother us that much here in West Virginia, because we are always more or less in a recession anyhow. Even our state economic officials say this out loud sometimes.

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