2 thoughts on “Hooverville

  1. Anne’s comment at the linked post, at 11:06 am, sums it up: Obama is at heart a Republican. I don’t think he’s a Tea Party type Republican, but he is definitely a Reagan Republican, without the charm and without the realization that sometimes even Republicans need to raise taxes.

    Obama ran on the Democratic ticket in IL because that’s how a black person could most likely be elected to office. He ran for the presidency on the Demoratic ticket to be able to win the election, where he knew he could fool most of the Democratic voters most of the time. He is a stealth Republican. There was a long record of lauding and supporting Repubican policies, however, but people who brought up his writings and political actions were viewed as disloyal Democrats, even as racists.

    Obama definitely does not like Baby Boomers and the activists of the 60’s and 70’s. I think he despises them and their ideas and accomplishments.

    He will not, could not, support FDR or LBJ programs, as he believes they are wrong for the nation — Why? Because he is a Republican.

    I was hoping he would switch parties and run for reelection as a Republican, before he takes down the Democratic Party entirely. He is well on his way to destroying the brand image of the party and showing its DC politicians, and those aspiring to DC office, as just a weaker branch of Republicanism.

    We need a new party which represents the people who are non-wealthy, perhaps formed with the members of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party as its leaders. Or, since even those DC Dems are being compromised by having to support their “Democratic president,” maybe we do need to start from scratch. Looong slog, but necessary.

    Or maybe we need a revolution….

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