• I will never, ever try to carry a case of beer again. Nope. This means certain people who have borrowed my hand truck better give it back. Just sayin’!
  • I will not have any more cookouts in my yard, because I live on the second floor and that’s a lot of work — unless I figure out how to add a dumbwaiter.
  • I will never again volunteer to make a cake for someone’s birthday. They sell perfectly good cakes in the bakery!
  • I will finish writing this novel. I want to sell it and make a lot of money, and the next time I have a cookout, I will have catering staff to do everything.
  • 5 thoughts on “Resolved

    1. Honey child, are you kidding me?
      That is what they make young guys for.
      I have been hucking furniture around for six months with a bad back.
      Gimmee back my fucking hand truck and tell one of them young fellers to get off his ass and start packing shit up the stairs.
      They respond like dolphins when food is stuck in their faces.

      I am glad to hear there was nothing life threatening wrong with ya and God bless ya .

    2. I’m sure someone would have helped, but no one was around when I bought the beer on Sunday. I don’t know much about beer, but I seemed to remember something about not letting it get hot. That’s why I thought it best to get it out of the hot car.

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