The DCCC Sends Me a Letter

Brendan —

House Republicans are investing heavily in an upcoming special election in New York in the hopes of electing another radical right-wing member to their caucus. We cannot afford to let this happen.

Republicans are trying to wrest NY-09 away from Democrats with smears and misleading attacks. Democratic candidate David Weprin is spreading his message that everyday Americans, families and seniors, not millionaires and Big Oil, should come first.

Meanwhile, his opponent is a radical right-winger ready to fight alongside John Boehner and the tea party. He has promised to push for drastic budget cuts and is even on record as rejecting the Republican’s budget and plan to end Medicare because it did not go far enough.

The election is just one week from today. We must immediately raise $25,000 in rapid response funds to help David fight Republican attacks in these final days.

Please contribute $5 or more to Democrat David Weprin before tonight’s One Week Out deadline. Your gift will have a direct impact on Election Day.

David’s opponent may have his deep-pocketed right-wing supporters to help him — and national Republicans ready to swoop in — during the final push before the election, but we are depending on grassroots supporters like you.

Your generous donation will help David with get out the vote efforts and to spread his message about the need to protect Medicare and Social Security. Even just a small gift today could go a long way.

Can you chip in today to help give David critical resources in the final days before the special election?

Please contribute right now >>

Thank you,

Congressman Joe Crowley
DCCC National Finance Chair

Dear Congressman Crowley:

There is no easy, or even particularly polite, way to tell you this, but I am not giving you money for Mr. Weprin. I am not going to help you get him elected. In fact, your email make you and your organization look like the fools you are, and I would like to explain why.

As you may recall, the 9th District of New York was held by the personable, aggressive, and popular congressman Anthony Weiner, who is more recently infamous for sending out pictures of his dick to ladies on the internets.

You’ll notice I used the word “popular”. That’s because, even after the penis photo revelations, 56% of Weiner’s constituents wanted him to stay in Congress.

Did the DCCC respect the will of the voters in NY-09? No, it did not.
Here is Pennsylvania’s talking meat stick Allyson Schwartz, flapping her gums on your behalf:

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz, a leader of the party’s House campaign committee, called Wednesday for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign after he admitted he sent lewd photos to women and talked dirty with them via Twitter and Facebook.

Weiner’s behavior was so offensive that he has lost the ability to command respect from his constituents and brought dishonor to the House, Schwartz said.

“As Americans we have the right to expect better behavior from members of Congress, leaders of our country,” Schwartz said in an interview. “I don’t think we should accept it.”

Here’s Steve Israel, former DCCC chair:

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement calling on Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign.

“Anthony’s inappropriate behavior has become an insurmountable distraction to the House and our work for the American people. With a heavy heart, I call on Anthony to resign.

“I pray for his family and hope that Anthony will take time to get the help he needs without the distractions and added pressures of Washington, DC.”

I’d like to remind you, and the rest of the clowns at the DCCC, that when Republicans like David Vitter get caught wearing diapers (and the woman who spilled the beans winds up mysteriously “committing suicide”), no one says shit. Especially the Republicans.

So: against the wishes of his constituents, you got Weiner to resign. Then, you recruited David Weprin, known as a weak candidate, a “wonk” who has “benefit[ed], rather, from close ties to one of the city’s strongest political machines”. And now, word is you are ““Panicking” About Possible Weprin Loss”.

I remind you, Joe, 56% of Weiner’s constituents wanted him to STAY ON. You didn’t listen, and now you are scrambling to save what was a safe seat and you are hoping to play progressives and democrats like me for a bunch of suckers.

This is YOUR baby, guys. You’re the ones who threw out Mr. Weiner and replaced him with a quiet, wonky, personality-free, machine politician. But you want people like me, struggling to keep my head above water while unemployed in the shittiest job market in years, to contribute a couple of bucks to what’s clearly a losing campaign.

Tough shit. Dig yourself out of your own hole, genius. Please share with the other Mensa members down at 430 S. Capitol Street, S.E.

Yours truly,

Brendan Skwire

18 thoughts on “The DCCC Sends Me a Letter

  1. Ahhh, they still call you?

    DSCC stopped after my third 20-minute rant explaining why I wouldn’t vote for them, let alone send them any money. La la la la la . . . . they can’t heaaaaar youuuuu . . . .

  2. So you’d prefer to have a “dick” elected, some call them Republicans, rather than condemn the stupidity of Weiner? Weiner was unfit for office. That’s a fact. Whether Weprin will get the job done or not is an open question. But evreybody already knows that the Republican candidate, “dick,” will be an utter failure if elected to office. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  3. The poster’s point wasn’t about condemning or not condemning the stupidity of Weiner. It was that the DCCC requiring or advocating his resignation was unnecessary either by comparing this situation with others involving the GOP or by considering Weiner’s base of support in his district; unfitness isn’t a fact but a value judgment, where opinions clearly differ, and forcing his resignation was a choice the DCCC made. The second point was that the DCCC put up (in his mind) a milquetoast-y candidate that the poster didn’t like. The final point was that the poster didn’t care to support an organization with his money after it had done these (to the poster) unnecessary and stupid things. Based on his perspective, I don’t see why it’s irrational to say that you won’t support a campaign organization with your money when you disagree with its direction.

  4. Here here, Scott. The DCCC doesn’t deserve our support. It has to earn it. As it is, the DCCC has squandered our support and done everything in its power to alienate and heap scorn on liberals. Not supporting an organization that is actively working against your own best interests isn’t “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” It’s just avoiding people who will hand you your own ass.

  5. Hi Imhotep.

    Personally, I think they are ALL assholes, but if anyone’s responsible for a dick getting elected, it is the DCCC. And while YOU may think Weiner was unfit for office, 56% of his constituents disagree with you and the DCCC, and wanted him to STAY IN OFFICE.
    That shouldn’t be TOO hard to wrap your head around.

    And let me add that I found Weiner’s positions on Israel/Palestine to be offensive, wrong, and contrary to my own beliefs. However, Weiner was the kind of guy who really took the fight to the republicans, making them look like assholes and routinely stomping on their message.
    So no, I won’t give money to help the DCCC and their lame candidate. For starters, I don’t agree with their decision. Second, and more importantly, Weprin is probably going to lose no matter how much money people like me donate: that’s because he’s described as “personality free”, “wonky”, “quiet”, a “machine politician”. So giving his campaign my money is like flushing it down the toilet.

  6. “You will be given the privilege of giving us money. We, in turn, will ignore you.”
    Man, I really didn’t choose the right career path.

    I know, it’s a small and futile gesture saying stuff like that, but it still feels good.

  7. now, in contrast, here’s an email I got from the Grayson campaign:

    Dear Brendan,

    One of the few “perks” of former Members of the House – pretty much the only one, actually — is that we can go to the Floor of the House whenever the House is in session. Return to the scene of the crime, so to speak.

    That’s always fun. I remember when Newt Gingrich did it a year ago.

    By way of background, Newt Gingrich went on Fox News and called me “fundamentally dishonorable.” Twice. In case you didn’t hear him the first time.

    Remember, it was Newt Gingrich who went to the hospital to demand a divorce from his cancer-stricken wife, so that Gingrich could marry the woman with whom he’d been having an affair. And it was Gingrich who condemned President Clinton for having an affair, at the same time that Gingrich was having another affair.

    Newt may be “married,” but it’s not the way that you and I think of married. He has disavowed his vows. You almost need a scorecard to keep up with all the times he scores.

    When Gingrich was asked to explain this behavior on TV last month, he could have said – should have said — “because I’m fundamentally dishonorable.” But no, Gingrich said that it was because he loved America so much. Well, certain females in America, anyway.

    So Gingrich came to the Floor of the House a year ago. I went nowhere near him. I just don’t like the smell of sulfur. But another member, whom I like very much, told me that she wanted to introduce me. I said, “no, that’s OK, thanks anyway. I really don’t know what to say to him.” But she insisted.

    She introduced me to Newt.

    I said to him, “you look like you’ve gained a lot of weight.”

    Newt stared at me.

    I said, “I remember you being much slimmer back in the 1990’s. When you were relevant.”

    Newt scowled at me, and walked away. Good comeback, Newt. By the way, Newt Gingrich scowls just the way you would expect Newt Gingrich to scowl.

    I would like to think that that light little love-tap on Newt Gingrich’s ego may have pushed him just a tiny bit toward running for President. Which is great. Because Newt is really going to be hammered. If it’s an eight-person field, Newt will finish ninth.

    It’s the Giuliani Effect. The more you know Newt, the more you hate him.

    In 1980, John Connally spent $11 million running for President, and won one delegate to the Republican Convention – Ada Mills, of Clarksville, Arkansas. I think that Newt is going top Connally.

    But that’s enough about Newt. This note is actually about you. Yes, you.

    Don’t look behind you; I’m talking to you.

    Next week, I’m going to Washington, DC, and I will visit the Floor of the House. And since I will be seeing the high and mighty, I would like to know whether there is anything that you want me to tell them. If so, click here.


    Alan Grayson

    I don’t have any money for him either, as i am busted like a Ray Charles song, but damn, I MIGHT try to scare up some scratch. This dude Grayson went out fighting, and he’s coming back fighting. And the DCCC hates him, left him swinging in the wind, which is all you need to know.

  8. Great letter. But…the only thing which bothered me is calling Allyson Schwartz a “talking meat stick.”

    I’m not sure what that means, but it definitely raises an unpleasant image. I googled it and guess it can be some kind of meat snack or in urban slang a penis or someone who looks like a penis. Is that what you meant? Or someone whos overly thin?

    Was it even necessary?

    Great rant..but that keeps sticking in my brain.

    What did you mean to say? And, again, great rant. Really. Pelosi also pushed to get rid of Weiner, of course..

  9. Grayson is too impolitic to succeed as a politician. He’d make a great anarchist though. His saving grace is that his thinking is correct. Anybody who was as stupid as Weiner was, is unfit for office. A majority of John Gotti’s neighbors thought that he was a great guy too, so 56% isn’t all that impressive. Did Weiner ever pass any legislation that had his name on it? Or was he just another blow-hard like Obama?

  10. This post and the comments have given me the best laugh I’ve had in months. Thank you!!! I’d vote for Alan Grayson for POTUS right about now.

  11. “I mean Obama doesn’t blow that hard…” Are you telling secrets lambert strether? Obama once said “I have a gift.” He was referring to his ability to speak for hours, say nothing, and get very little accomplished. But, then, that’s what the oligarchy is paying him to do.

  12. Marsh, remember it was a mass mindset like the one you expressed that got Hitler elected. Now that’s no laughing matter.

  13. Thanks, Imhotep. I like being called a Nazi. If we’ve gotten to the point that I can’t laugh about something political, then we’re really in much worse shape than I thought. Are you an Obot? You sound like one (I apologize – I know that’s just about as bad as calling me a Nazi.)

  14. @jawbone: i don’t remember where I got that term, but I use it for both men and women. To me, the implication is that the person talking is brainless, nothing more than a steak with a recording inside.

  15. As a fan of irony, I love that the DCCC is asking progressives to pay for the Democratic “leadership”‘s purge of yet another progressive from Congress.

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