Or what passes for it in Wisconsin:

(Reuters) – A Wisconsin official has discouraged state workers from volunteering information about free IDs available under a controversial voter identification law that critics complain is designed to suppress votes, a memo leaked on Wednesday showed.

The memo, provided to the press by Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach, was likely to fan concerns among critics of the Republican-backed law that it aimed to suppress votes of thousands of otherwise eligible Wisconsin voters.

In the memo, a top aide in the state transportation department told staffers in the motor vehicle department, which is responsible for issuing the free IDs, to “refrain from offering” them to customers who do not specifically ask for them.

2 thoughts on “Democracy!

  1. I read about a WI woman’s experience in taking her son to ge a WI ID for voting purposes a few weeks ago…was it posted here? I wonder if her video got this ball rolling.

    Anyway, she used her phone to video the encounter, and, along with other issues (bank activity required to prove residency??? Really, Gov. Scottie? Pretty Koched up idea there), she had to ask about the free ID for voting purposes, even after stating they were there for that purpose. A DMV worker had to seek the counsel of his supervisor, etc.

    I just googled and there are lots of links to the video to choose from.

  2. Remember that counter guy’s answer? Call my supervisor. Explain to her why not telling people about this sucks.

    “The DMV is applying the voter ID law that the legislature provided to it,” Krieser told Reuters.

    “It says the customer has to request it. So we’ve taken the strict reading of the statute and that’s how we’ve implemented it. That’s all that the memo was getting at.”

    It’s written into the law, that DMV employees can’t say anything.

    I wish somebody would look at whether the law abides by the state constitution. I am not a lawyer, or I would.

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