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  1. Let’s see, there HAS been a coup and Obama’s policy agenda HAS been blocked and he never prosecuted a single Bush regime war criminal. So one assumes that the oligarchy got its cake and ate it too. Cheney was a political functioanry his entire career. He always followed the instructions (orders) given to him and so he ‘knows’ that he never made a mistake and therefore has no regrets. Too much wealth in too few hands. Redistribution is in order.

  2. i do not believe this account. I think the plan from day one was to let them off the hook. Birds of a feather stick together, and prosecuting republicans would have meant prosecuting democrats.

  3. If this is true, Obama is a sniveling coward. He has used his last shreds of dignity to conceal America’s true, illegitimate shadow government. It would be better to face their music than to bend over, receive the stick, and dance to it like a meat puppet. If you want be the heavy hitter, you have to take the heavy hits. If you want to be a sad, compromised mendicant, gilding the corporate lily and hiding in the shadows, you have to be President Obama.

  4. President-Elect Obama’s advisors feared in 2008 that authorities would oust him in a coup and that Republicans would block his policy agenda if he prosecuted Bush-era war crimes, according to a law school dean who served as one of Obama’s top transition advisors.

    Fat fucking lot of good that did him, eh?

  5. And expect repubs to impeach him as soon as they get a chance. Very likely if he gets a 2nd term – senate is almost a sure thing for Repubs in 2013.

  6. I assume the same arguments were made about the Church Committee’s work, yet somehow the country managed to survive.

    But I also think this argument curiously distracts attention from the elites in charge of the criminality. Pondering the cui bonus of it all: we’ll get no scary reprise of the Iran-Contra hearings. I doubt there’s a “plausible deniability” defense Dick Cheney could have offered here.

    Also, there’s a pattern of turning their backs on all forms of criminality. What’s the “legitimate” excuse for not prosecuting the financial, insurance and real estate industries?

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