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  1. Have you tried (1) turning on air conditioner, (2) adjusting settings on machine to “open” and “exhaust,” and then (3) spritzing a mixture of mostly water and a bit of bleach into the opening where the air usually blows out of into the room (when the ac is set on “cool”)?

  2. While there’s still warm weather and sunshine, take the AC out and let it bake in the sunshine. If you’re confident, you can take the outer metal shroud off and get some sunshine and heat in there. The heat will boil off the moisture and will kill some of the mold. Sunshine and fluorescent light will also kill mold. Ordinary tap water already has chemicals in it.

    You can vacuum, then wash the filter with ordinary tap water and dish detergent, then let it dry in the sunshine.

    Bleach is not good for a lot of metals like copper coils and electronic components. You can tent an air conditioner in a black plastic bag and set a small dish of ammonia in the tent. Let it sit in the sun for a couple of hours. The ammonia in the dish becomes a gas and gets everywhere you can’t reach. While you’re at it, you can put your oven grates in there — it also helps get off black/brown goo off range parts without hurting the enamel.

    Borrow a dehumidifier for the room and run that during the night.

    Open the windows during the day and let it air out. Use a cheap box fan. Get as much sunlight in there as possible. Get rid of as much stuff as possible that will absorb moisture, such as papers, clothes, dust.

  3. I’m with abbeysbooks on this. If you have a Habitat for Humanity near you, check to see if they have any air conditioners. We got a discontinued (but with a good rating) AC new in the box for $100. It’s perfect.

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