I had a premonition last week about the plane crash that happened in Nevada yesterday. (Yes, I did tell someone at the time.) The image flashed into my consciousness right after I turned out the light at bedtime. At the time, I sort of assumed it was from all the 9-11 stuff — although I made a mental note that the plane was in a nosedive, and not aimed at anything.

Anyway, I’d forgotten all about it — until I saw this picture, which is exactly what I saw. Weird.

And before I start getting the lectures from the “science” fundies, let me point out that crisis apparitions (which are similar to these little flashes I get) are a well-documented and unexplained phenomenon. (Like this.)

8 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. I kind of hate the wikipedia entry (yes, I know) for the scientific method. What a bunch of bullshit.

  2. Time is something other than linear for some of us. Those of us who understand this kind of thing get it. Consciousness is multi-layered, like an ocean full of fish; some people are carp, some people are catfish, some people are trout, and some people are flying fish.

  3. I guess I’m what you would call one of those “science fundies” because I want to ask, if indeed your “premonition” was just that what good was it? Understand that I am asking this from a great deal of pain, as a quick visit to my blog will show. So, how could your premonition have helped? What good can it do? You say you saw a plane crash, but not where and when, right? So after the fact you say, hey, oh yeah, I “saw” it.

    How will that help the wounded, the grieving, those who will have suffer emotional trauma for this for years? What good does this post do except for you to tell us that you think you’re special?

    The next time you have one of these dreams, be specific. Tell us when, where , who, and then maybe, just maybe, something can be done to prevent it. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

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