Look, don’t be distracted by the shell game. Obama the Kenyan Socialist still intends to cut Medicare and Medicaid in order to make Wall Street happy, and the best possible outcome would be for the super committee to be deadlocked — thus making the military cutbacks kick in. It would be a good idea to call your congress critters and tell them that:

But President Obama was still compromising with the Tea Party right when he delivered his remarks on Monday. Indeed, he proposed $580 billion in cuts to health and welfare programs, with $248 billion coming from Medicare and $72 billion from Medicaid.

That’s bad.

Very bad.

The president would have us believe that the cuts can be made by addressing “waste, fraud and abuse.” The reality is that cutting a quarter-trillion dollars from Medicare will undermine the quality of care for seniors and the disabled. The Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care estimates that Obama’s approach would lead to $42 billion in cuts for post-acute care providers placing patients, our workforce and local facilities at risk.”

The proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will put new stress on the economy by making it harder to maintain hiring levels at the skilled nursing facilities that have been some of the real job creators in a period of layoffs and rising unemployment rates.

The proposed Medicare and Medicaid cuts place new stresses on working families, many of which are already struggling to care for elderly and disabled relatives.

And the proposed Medicare and Medicaid cuts will cause aging workers to think twice about retiring, thus reducing the number of openings for young workers.

Medicare and Medicaid are efficient programs. They are not perfect, but they have been pressured on “waste, fraud and abuse” issues for years; meaning that there is no chance that the cuts Obama proposes will be painless.

They will, in fact, be painful, for retired people and the disabled, for families, for workers and their unions, for communities and for the broader economy.

It is for this reason that FamiliesUSA, the progressive health policy group, is warning that proposed changes to Medicaid “shifts the burden to states and ultimately onto the shoulders of seniors, people with disabilities and low-income families who depend on the program as their lifeline.”

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  1. Some more details on what Obama wants to cut, change (read increase cost to recipients), esp’ly in Medicare:

    Details, with devils in them, from Obama’s Proposed Changes to Medicare/Medicaid.

    And he’s not going to talk about them in any detail, least we learn about them.

    Matches closely the horror show Lieberman proposed with Cornyn this past July (covered in link above).

    Bamboozlement Obama-style is in full campaign
    mode. Tell the rubes what they expect to hear from a Democratic leader; do what undermines the great social safety net programs of the Democratic Party.

    There’s also change coming to supplemental insurance which was slipped into Obama’s health insurance profit protection plan. I don’t know much about it, but it’s going to financially painful. And according to the NYTimes, his “excise tax” on the good Medicare supplemental plans will be paying 30% more — I’m not sure whether that’s on the Medicare premium or on the supplemental plan’s cost. The latter would be a bigger hit.

    The main objective is to make health care more costly to seniors so they will put off care to avoid added expenses. And, thus, to hurry up and die???

    We recognize it when R’s do it; it’s still stunning to D’s doing it.

    (And, really, I had not seen The Nation’s title!)

  2. Huumm, Obama a “Kenyan Socialist.” Really????? For Obama to be labeled as a “Socialist” in any shape, manner or way is quite an odd thing to do. Obama is a plutocratic Capitalist and pending member of the oligarchy, is what Barry is. Which probably makes him the exact opposite of what a socialist is. Really, a “Kenyan Socialist?!!”

  3. waste = money spent on anyone not rich.

    imhotep i think you’ve been coming here long enough to recognize satire.

  4. “Waste, fraud, and abuse” seems to be code language engaged in by the Powers That Be. It means “we’ve found a program that seems to help you little people, and we’re going to cut the bejesus out of it”.

    For some reason, “waste, fraud and abuse” never applies to billions of dollars in cash flung all over Iraq with no accounting. Nor does it apply to Star Wars missle defense systems that do not work.

  5. Imhotep, Susie was being very sarcastic: Rightwingers have been calling Obama a socialist and a Kenyan, both of which are so palpably false as to be laughable. But there are millions of FOX viewers, right wind radio listeners who believe deeply that Obama is not only not American born but also a socialist.

    Which is so pathetic. Thinks that about the most obviously Corporatist president we’ve seen in ages.

  6. Had ‘we’ thought that susie was serious rather than being playful, Imhotep’s comment would have been directed at her specifically. It was not. Thanks for the input though.

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