4 thoughts on “Troy Davis

  1. I think it’s fair to say that the state officials and members of the judiciary who oversee the system of death penalty prosecutions and appeals should be held accountable for their commitment to the truth. If they systematically ignore evidence, as they have done with Troy Davis and many others, they should be charged with crimes against humanity.

    Unfortunately, there is apparently no mechanism for bringing them up on charges.

  2. Mr. Davis has had four bites at the apple and he keeps coming up short. That’s too bad. But the issue here is America’s use of the death penalty. State sanctioned murder should be abolished. If that were done Mr. Davis’ execution wouldn’t be an issue.

  3. This reminds me of a comment about atheism and believers I heard on a talk show. The speaker* said he was agnostic, and that he actually hoped there was a benevolent being guiding us, but was sure there wasn’t.

    His girl friend said to him that she could bear knowing there was no heaven, but could deal with there being no hell…as there were so many who deserved punishment and didn’t get here in this life on Earth.

    Just recalled the speaker was the writer/creator of “Breaking Bad,” which I’ve never seen but have heard about.

  4. Thinking about the possible massive injustive being perpetrated in GA, knowing about these hideously unfair commission members is almost beyond bearable.

    I can’t do anything about foreign nations’ injustices, and I can’t do anything about GA’s. But as an American I still feel tainted by what is happening there.

    Along with things my government has done in may name and against my values.

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