Times reporter snickers at Wall Street protesters

Ginia Bellafante should have been fired or reassigned to work for the fashion section. Instead, I’ll bet she was high-fived by her yuppie colleagues for writing this fashionably snide article

2 thoughts on “Times reporter snickers at Wall Street protesters

  1. I went to journalism school with someone like that. She got the great career and I get stuck in the basement doing data entry. She and her pals in the local press used to laugh about heckling Jane Fonda. I think she was especially proud of a picture she took with Tom Delay when she was on assignment in D.C. But pretty scum, ya know. Very very pretty little scum she is. All the liberal hippie boys in my neighborhood just know that the only possible reason I wouldn’t admire her is my jealously. No wonder I spend all my time with dogs now. Some furry hound with his head between his legs licking his balls is so superior, morally and intellectually, to the little middle class boys and girls I’ve known around here.

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