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  1. Welcome to my world… Don’t have any solutions, except to realize that the night following an awake-all-night one, I always sleep early and soundly. Hope the same is true for you.

  2. I don’t know your situation, so all of this may be totally beside the point, but for what it’s worth, here goes. 1) Are you on hormone replacement therapy? If not, you may want to try it, or to adjust the progesterone-analog upward and take it before going to sleep. What you describe sounds very much like a straight up brain chemistry issue, and bad insomnia can be one of the more irritating symptoms of menopause. As they say, “discuss with your doctor” blah blah blah. 2) Physical exercise can help. During the day, not right before bed. A couple of hours of walking, hiking, and the like. (I know. Who’s got the time for that? But it can make a big difference.) 3) If melatonin isn’t helping, valerian probably won’t either, but it may be worth a try. Extract of valerian root is sold in health food stores, and you take 10-20 drops before sleeping and any time during the night when wakeful. It’s foul-smelling stuff, but it works for some people.

    Insomnia is *awful*. I hope you find something that works for you!

  3. I took Ativan one night. Did get some sleep, but I only have one left.

    The melatonin had valerian root included. Like I said, made me sleepy but I couldn’t sleep.

    Not on HRT, never was. Don’t know if it’s useful now, several years past menopause. Don’t have insurance, can’t afford a medical workup anyway.

  4. I never really had insomnia, but I know what its like to be tired. I had sleep apnea which caused me to be so exhausted that I was falling asleep driving and almost killed myself. Fortunately I was still employed at the time and got a sleep study done, and they prescribed me a breathing machine that changed my life.

    I have a student who tells me that he does not sleep for days at a time. I can tell from his written assignments that he has some serious problems with grief, depression and anxiety, but I am not in a position to be able to help him. I wish I had something to offer him and you besides pompous advice.

    For what its worth, I did find this web site from the Mayo Clinic that seems to make some sense: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/insomnia-treatment/SL00013

  5. Yeah, that’s the problem with suggesting anything that requires drugs and money. I suspect if you’ve done without the HRT so far, it would be just as well not to start. A sleep study, like Pragmatic Realist had, would be great, but, yeah, money, etc., ad nauseam.

    My heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to struggle through the day in a fog of no sleep. And then not be able to sleep again that night. I sure hope you find something that works.

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