The Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park are buzzing over a big secret musical guest scheduled to play this afternoon at around 4pm. We hear that it’s Radiohead, who are in New York for a couple concerts.

It makes sense: Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke has a history of lefty anti-globalization protest. What do you think: Are the millionaires from Radiohead authentic enough to be the bards of revolution? They’re certainly capable of mobilizing people: When their New York show sold out in minutes they almost caused a Twitter riot.

Update: It’s been confirmed by the official website of Occupy Wall Street. According to an Occupy Wall Street spokesman, they have no permit but said “everybody’s aware” about the event.

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  1. And subsequently unconfirmed — or rather confirmed as a hoax on OWS, the public, and the band.

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