Bloomberg: Leave Wall Street alooonnne!!!!

Via Alexander Higgins. Bloomberg is a lying, elitist scum and should be ridiculed for this. Look at how he shifts the blame:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized the Occupy Wall Street protests today, suggesting their days be numbered and said the Wall Street banks deserve our support.

In a bout of Orwellian doublespeak, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg used his radio address today to hand out criticism against the Occupy Wall Street movement, calling the policies of the protestors misguided.

In an effort to sway the opinion of the public, he represented the movement as one that is protesting against the low income earners on Wall Street making between $40,000 – $50,000 a year.

Everyone knows these protests aren’t against the mailman or the IT guy working at Goldman Sachs. They’re against the super elite who use the bottomless money they have plundered and pillaged from the mailman and the IT guy to buy off our politicians and destroy the global economy.

He went on to say that while people have a right to protest, people on the street also have the right to get to work unmolested. Clearly, a baseless claim but none the less the kind of rhetoric that politicians will use to rouse anti-protestor sentiment.

This kind of manipulation of public opinion is almost as Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly picking a protestor to interview who has strong communist views. Of course there will be a nut ball or two at any protest. So Fox found a guy to go on nationwide television and say he wanted to tear down capitalism and replace it with communism.

There are no protestors down here at Liberty Square trying molesting people trying to get to work. Communists are the people powering this movement. Finding a communists or two at Liberty Park is no different from finding a white supremacists or two at a Tea Party Rally.

The protestors are pushing for a real, people powered democracy. Not communism. Not Socialism. But reform of the corrupt system that continues to suck the wealth and prosperity out of the middle class and hand it over to the rich.

People, it is time to turn off the TV. We can not allow the campaign of lies and manipulation by the Wall Street owned corporate media to dissuade us from our cause of bringing substantive change to our corrupt political system. It is time to get our politician’s out of the pockets of their corporate overlords.

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Leave Wall Street alooonnne!!!!

  1. When Bloomberg says the protest’s days are numbered, it means he’s afraid they’re not. Which is the whole point of these protests, to show everyone they’re not leaving or going anywhere, and to convince ordinary people there might be something to gain by joining them.

  2. I’ve been calling the various nyc police departments (click for “special operations”) whose numbers are listed on the OWS site. I ask for daughters of friends of mine who live in nyc/brooklyn. I want the police to know that we care about our kids and want to know where they are and how they’re being treated. And, of course, how we get them back. And, mainly, that they can not mistreat them as they have been so far (by arresting them for nonviolent actions).

    I’ve had mostly good but short conversations with (all male) police reps. (they are really!!! busy). They maybe merely well trained pr types, but I think massive calling operations will demonstrate to Bloomberg that his police actions will severely slime his administration, which is already under siege in many ways that he doesn’t want. (his defense of Wall Street is already underwater). These calls can be made from anywhere, because everyone has children, relatives, friends who go to nyc to make their mark.

    Go to the Occupywallstreet site for the nyc police phone#s and make a pest of yourself. That’s what I’m doing.

    Oh, and send $1.00 or a pizza if you can.

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