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  1. (Well, to be fair, it’s not impossible the site was hacked for a while, and Norton caught that.)

    But what I really got on to say was here’s a crazy security idea: ditch Windows. Only I’d recommend Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu but has better defaults for a user coming from Windows.

    If you’re not on Windows, you’re not flooded with viruses and you don’t need Norton, which is pretty damn viroid itself.

  2. 12:25PM: Can get in. Use IE8, Win7, Avira antivirus.

    Neat photo of Hula Hoop Girl using LED hoop. W/ caption, “Police office caught my eye, said ‘Cool, huh?'” (Caption from memory.)

    BTW, on local NYC late evening news, video of protester saying police had taken lead position on Brooklyn Bridge and, it appeared, led the protesters into the traffice lane. Most had been staying on the pedestrian walkway, per the protester.

    Another vid-bit showed two protesters saying they’d been directed by police to way to exit bridge, but then officers picked people out of the exiting group, seemingly without reason, and arrested them. A girl was with her boyfriend; they let her pass, picked him out to be arrested. Another protester had the same situation, but, after being kept in van, was allowed to leave.

    The kettling thing was what police did to people trying to attend the Feb. ’03 anti-Iraq Invasion rally in NYC. People were told to get to Third Avenue, go north until they saw rally crowd. But the rally area was so packed no one was being allowed in (which we were not told, of course), so Third Ave kept getting more crowded.

    Then the police told us to leave the sidewalks and walk in the street. Which was a set up for kettling us, then dividing us into the four corners of a each block after barriers had been set up; then we were all smushed tightly (frighteningly so to those at the back) by using horsed to push us back, back, back. I know there were arrests, but our quarter didn’t get any. After being held and some people terrified, we were let go.

    Being on a bridge is a perfect area for the police to pick people off. They may have been aiming at what they’d decided were “leaders,” maybe?

    News this morning saying 700 or more arrested.

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