2 thoughts on “Oh great

  1. Screw Israel. And screw Panetta and Obama. If either one of these idiots had any sense at all they would tell Israel to go ahead and attack Iran. Follow that by telling the world that the USA does not support such an attack and if Israel does attack Iran they are on their own. But Obama won’t do any such thing because the Zionists control America’s foreign policy.

  2. It behooves us to recall that these animals don’t really “love” Israel. They “support” Israel now because in their bloodthirsty world-view in order for their precious lord and master to come floating down out of the heavens with a thousand sidekicks to carry all the faithful away to paradise, before the end of this generation two thirds (2/3) of “Israel” and two thirds (2/3) of the “Jewish” population must be destroyed.

    They don’t want to save Israel, they want to destroy it.

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