Power play

It’s amazing, how the amnesia sets in when a politician tastes power. Cantor has a pretty big skeleton in the closet:

A top staffer to Eric Cantor is leaving the House majority leader’s office to launch a Super PAC aimed at raising Cantor’s national profile, sources told Influence Alley.

The PAC will be run by Cantor’s deputy chief of staff John Murray and would give Cantor a vehicle he could use to run for vice president, should the opportunity arise, said a source close to the majority leader’s office, who asked not to be named because the source was not authorized to speak publicly. Murray’s departure from Cantor’s office is imminent, the source said.

Murray did not respond to requests for comment.

Cantor, first elected to the House a decade ago, has risen quickly through the leadership ranks and has worked hard to raise his profile co-authoring “Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders” last year.

And on Tuesday, after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced — again — that he wasn’t running for president, talk quickly shifted to Cantor as the GOP’s next white knight. And just this week, the majority leader was the subject of a lengthy profile in New York Magazine.

3 thoughts on “Power play

  1. Cantor is an embarrassment to our Commonwealth. Also, he scares me. I wish he would just go away. (I imagine this is how thinking Alaskans must feel about Palin…)

  2. I can’t figure out what the “skeleton in the closet” refers to.
    Is it his love for Broadway musicals? (a yewfermizzem).

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