Occupy Philly needs help

Occupy Philly: Oct 9, 2011 from Joel Mathis on Vimeo.

I’ve been to Occupy Philly every day now, and it’s growing rapidly. Yesterday I dropped off some supplies and spoke to Erika Bell from the food committee. Right now, she said, they’re trying to batten down the hatches because rain’s moving in Wednesday.
[image display=”thumb” link=”source” align=”right” alt=”waving.JPG” width=”190″ height=”253″ id=”13334″][/image]
Here’s what they need:

  • Wood pallets to keep the supplies off the ground.
  • Tarps to cover supplies.
  • Rolls of heavy plastic sheeting
  • Large Rubbermaid-type containers
  • Rain gear (ponchos, etc.)
  • Bungee cords

If anyone has those freestanding backyard canopies, Occupy Philly is using them. I dropped off one of those folding chairs that come in the carry bags — they can probably use more of those, too. As usual, yoga pads, camping cots and mattresses, etc. are useful to those sleeping there.

Not everyone can camp out all night on Dilworth Plaza. (I, for one, am too old and arthritic.) But everyone can help. Thankfully, dropping off donations and supplies couldn’t be easier: Drive around City Hall, staying in the lane closest to the sidewalk. The food tent is on the north side of City hall (JFK Boulevard), directly across from the Municipal Services Building. Pull into the parking spot and if you need assistance, someone will help you unload.