It’s an occupation, not a picnic

Mayor Bloomberg’s ploy to end Occupy Wall Street tomorrow morning isn’t fooling anyone. It looks like the occupiers have no intention of voluntarily surrendering their First Amendment rights.

3 thoughts on “It’s an occupation, not a picnic

  1. Hell no! We won’t go. What idiot would trust what any politician told them in this day and age? Next thing you know Zionist Bloomberg will ask all of the demonstrators to climb into the back of a nice, big, comfortable truck to rest while we clean up the park for you. Didn’t somebody else pull that stunt 70 years ago?

  2. If they intend to stay, they should be getting dressed like happy, friendly circus (or Wall Street) clowns. Imagine the images that would come of that: NYPD cops beating up and arresting clowns. I’ve heard that the clown tactic has worked in Europe, don’t remember where.

  3. You may be right, MK.
    Sarah Palin often dresses like a clown. and no one has ever arrested her.

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