11 thoughts on “NYPD cop runs over protester’s leg

  1. Am I seeing this right? The cop stops with the motorcycle on the guy’s foot or ankle, then gets off the cycle to push citizen observers away from the scene…PRIOR TO LIFTING THE CYCLE OFF THE MAN”S FOOT????

    That seems to be what is on the video.

    Don’t the cops get it? Lots of cameras around nowadays.

  2. Gonna be some wearin’ of the law suits over this. That couldn’t have felt nice on his ankle.

  3. The people at DailKos keep screaming ‘FAKE!’, as if someone spent a few hundred thousand dollars to make a CGI video of this and nobody has the original that show… well, who the fuck knows what they think it shows. They just keep saying it looks fake.

    Which goes to show you that both Daily Kos is full of right-wing neoliberal hacks AND why the OWS folks keep Democrats at arms length.

  4. I think it is fake.
    The motorcycle disappears.
    Nobody’s footage is as pixellated as this is.
    Too many people with big cameras and too few with cellphones.
    I’m suspicious.

  5. I despise dkos for obvious reasons, however, I have noticed that some protesters seem to act out for a camera.

    If a motor vehicle (scooter) were on MY leg, I would be pushing that asshole-son-of-a-bastard-coated-in-BASTARD-filled-with-BASTARD off of it.

    So no. Let’s be real.

  6. Well, the NYPD has admitted they ran over his foot, but put the blame on the guy. One report said he was a lawyer, there to advise protesters.

  7. But I don’t see a tag, which the organized civil lib lawyers usually wear at protests and marches.

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