If only they would do what they were told

Why Charlie Pierce continues to be my hero:

To call Rep. Eric Cantor a stooge at this point is to insult all three Howard brothers, and the late Mr. Fine, as well.

Ever since the spittle-drenched results of the 2010 midterms swept him into being the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Cantor has demonstrated a remarkable ability to combine complete ignorance of practically every major issue with the unctuous personality of a third-string maitre d’ at a fourth-string steakhouse. A couple of weeks ago, confronting the various Scribes and Sadducees that make up the “Values” wing of his party, Cantor was calling the Occupy Wall Street protesters a “mob,” and warning the timorous and pharisaical suckers that the tumbrels would be arriving on their streets any day now. Lo and behold, the country seems now to disagree with him, and, on Fox News Sunday, Cantor announced his earthshaking discovery that the United States has a problem with income inequality, and that his Republican party is poised to do something about that. Of course, every single proposal to emerge from his caucus would work to use the tax code to cement that inequality from now until Eric Cantor VIII is flunking economics somewhere.

True, Cantor’s argument is that the Republican plan would allow all the poor people in America to rise to become the owners of their own hedge funds, and is utterly insincere, where it is not complete bullshit. But the fact that the words “income disparity” were spoken by a member of the congressional Republican leadership, in public and without his tongue turning to fire, is proof that the elite pundits are right. The OWS crowd never will affect the country’s politics until it develops a “coherent public message.” Pity.

2 thoughts on “If only they would do what they were told

  1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Mr. Cantor has been forced to admit publicaly that there is “income disparity” in the United States. As Pierce points out Cantor has been forced by the OWS movement to say “income disparity” in public. Not dispite it. Which means that for Cantor at least the OWS movement has developed a “coherent public message” that he understands. So what’s Pierce’s problem? Why does he continue to demand a list of particulars from the 99%ers that everyone else seems already to have discovered for themselves. Perhaps Pierce has another agenda or he’s just slow? “Pity.”

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