Teargassed again in Oakland

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“Heighten the contradictions” is what activists used to say back in the Sixties. And tonight, while President Obama was in San Francisco hosting a $7,500-a-plate fundraiser, people are getting teargassed in Oakland, just a few miles away – for alleged health and safety violations. You can’t get much more of a contradiction than that.

It’s being reported that Occupy Atlanta, Occupy Baltimore, Occupy Clarksville, Occupy San Diego have all been served by police with eviction notices for midnight tonight.

9 thoughts on “Teargassed again in Oakland

  1. Hmmm, four different Occupy sites, in four different cities, all served with eviction notices for the same date and time. Call me crazy, but this sounds like a coordinated attack on the Occupy movement. Are the feds orchestrating this?

  2. “He climbed in through the bathroom window….” It’s already a disaster for Obama and his plutocrat pals in the oligarchy. That doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be reelected. If the Left stays home in 2012 it’s making a very bad miscalculation.

  3. A few points to consider:

    The Occupy Movement is here to stay

    Am I the only one who heard on Keith’s show last night that the NY AG, along with the Delaware AG (Joe Biden’s son) are preparing criminal investigations into the Wall Street crash of ’08?

    And, according to the NY AG (Sidermann??) there are a number of other state AG’s ready to get on board with investigations.

    So, perhaps these AG’s can uncover the real demons and crooks and do some things that Obama and Holder couldn’t (or wouldn’t) dare try to do.

  4. Well, Occupy Atlanta folks marched to the Georgia Pacific building (ie Koch Industries) the other day. Apparently the power is off at the Occupy site at Woodruff Park (aka Troy Davis park.) It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next…..

  5. boohunney, didn’t Democratic Mayor Kasim Reed send in the “riot squad” to clear the area? Why are Democratic Mayor’s sending in “riot squads?” Have there been riots? Maybe it’s the job of “riot squads” to ’cause’ riots? It gets curiouser and curiouser. Where’s Susie?

  6. No riots as far as I know. There was a teabagger there with a rifle, saying that he didn’t agree with Occupy, but, I said he agreed on their right to protest. There’s all kind of crazy down here. You have to remember that the City of Atlanta, while blue is surrounded by red counties and the monied interests in this state lean to right, to say the least. Yes, I believe these squads are sent in to stir the pot and to scare people off and that happened in Atlanta. News on this locally is spotty at best, a lot of what I have heard is from friends on FB who have been down there or live close by.

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