Philly isn’t afraid of terrorists

From my favorite local blog,

Have you ever noticed how the Americans most afraid of a terrorist attack live nowhere near any locale worthy of a suicide bombing? In Philly we have a bunch of Liberty Bells and jawns where Declarations of Independences were written, and nobody here seems to give a shit about Al Qaeda.

In fact, I dare a terrorist to start shit in a blue collar neighborhood bar. If he really has balls he might even try going into The Cove on Richmond and Allegheny and talking that holy war shit to some of the friendly biker/gangster types who seem to enjoy that place so much.

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2 thoughts on “Philly isn’t afraid of terrorists

  1. not to be too insulting, but i doubt if philly is bombable anyway. in my travels in the middle east, almost no one i meet has ever heard of philadelphia. if they have traveled to europe they might have heard of the cream cheese (in france, cream cheese is sometimes just called “philadelphia”), but even then they probably don’t know it’s a city. but for most educated levantine (jordan/syria/lebanon/palestine) arabs, when they hear “philadelphia” they will think amman, jordan. in my travels i got so tired of telling people that i was from “al-madina fii muntasif al-tariq bayn madinat new york wamadinat washington” (“the city in the middle of the way between new york and washington”) that i just started telling people i was from new york.

    based on the cities familiar to the average arab, al qaeda plots are going to target new york, washington, los angeles, hollywood (which is widely believed to be a city distinct from LA), chicago, or detroit/dearborn, except probably not the latter because everyone has a cousin who lives in dearborn.

  2. Not only do folks in flyover country not need to fear terrorists, if there is a Planned Parenthood branch in the area, the terrorists who attack it are probably members in good standing at their own churches. They are the terrorists.

    If I were afraid of muslim terrorists, it would be good to know they don’t care about Atlanta. Unfortunately though, the Republicans do know where we are, and they are magnitudes worse than muslim bombers.

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