4 thoughts on “War on the internet

  1. America “land of the free”……..that is until you upset the status quo. They (1%) are not even subtle about the censorship they are imposing. Just ask the folks who operate Wikileaks. Or anybody who has been targeted by the NSA or the No Fly List.

  2. Well, we know that one Repub senator can kill legislation by declaring a hold or proclaim a virtual filibuster, so Wyden can save the nation and the internet from this monstrosity.

    But, then again, he is a Democratic senator, so…who knows what Harry Reid will do? IIRC, he’s ignored Dem attempts to stop legislation IF he wants it to go through.

    After all these Occupy demonstrations of discontent among the American people, I’ll bet there are a lot of legislators who believe sincerely that they can shut down dissent in this nation by shutting down the internet using tools just like this.

    What’s not to like, as far as they’re concerned?

  3. jawbone, one begins to wonder, and suspect, the real motives of those pushing for an Arab Spring? Now that Egypt is a military dictatorship and Libya is in chaos and all. Along with Yemen and Bahrain. Let’s not forget about Syria which, as the days go by, looks more and more like a CIA operation. One might conclude that the Zionists plan is blow up Iran and not to free the Arabs from their murderous dictators.

  4. So when KKKarl Rove wanted to take out a site like Kos, he would just send operatives in to keep posting material that violates copyright. The damn law is almost designed to be abused.

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