4 thoughts on “Yep

  1. It’s always fun to watch an intellectual have a public epiphany. Then explain to us “common people” in polysyllabic language just how misguided we are and why. That when a simple answer would do quite nicely. In this case the good doctor should have told all of us that politicians lie to our faces and if we believe a word that they say we are dumbasses. Or more to the point, politicians are a waste of everyone’s time.

  2. Not only what Imhotep said, but here’s the thing:
    we’re on our way out as a species and everyone is grabbing what they can while they can. In a very short time we’ll be experiencing great disruptions in the global financial sector, resources becoming more scarce (since there are now 7 billion of us & counting – like 80 million more each year – and we live on a finite planet), food production being severely curtailed due to climate change impacts, civil disruptions of unprecedented magnitudes (think MILLIONS of starving people, many armed to the teeth), the complete breakdown of civilization and the end result is either extinction (my bet) or an extremely small number of “survivors” who will wish they hadn’t (“optimists”).

    The OWS movement should have happened 50 – 100 years ago. Now, we don’t stand a chance.
    We’ve ruined the planet with our toxic wastes and CO2 (as well as methane and others) output making it uninhabitable, overpopulated the place like we had the brains of yeast in a Petri dish, having followed the same pattern of using the limited resources far too quickly while over populating the space with more users of the resources(!), and are the most irrational species inhabiting the solar system, so i don’t expect any Kumbaya moments as the Titanic goes down this time.

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