Occupy Philly

As you know, Comcast is one of my very favorite examples of corporate personhood!

About 25 members of the Occupy Philadelphia protest staged a sit in at the Comcast Building this afternoon.
Police have arrested seven men and two women.

Some of the protesters reportedly got into the lobby of the tower at 17th Street and JFK Boulevard.

About 20 others linked arms on the sidewalk outside, chanting slogans and singing a song about solidarity to the tune of La Marseillaise.

One slogan was “Hey, hey, ho, ho, corporate personhood has to go.”

Occupy Philadelphia said in a tweet the protest was in solidarity with a 99-minute general strike called in support of the Occupy Oakland protest, where police have clashed with demonstrators.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Philly

  1. Given the intractable corporate ownership of the Supremes, an amendment to the constitution will be needed. Given the solid corporate ownership of US Congress, that movement will have to be driven by states. Given the ease with which corporations have been able to co-opt statehouses, only massive public outcry on a scale similar to movements of the late-19th and early-20th centuries will produce the desired results. Which is WHY the corporate media machine is working overtime to vilify the OccupyWhatever movement.

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