Woman threatened with gun by 10-year-old after she jokes that she’ll take his candy

Still think handgun insurance is a bad idea? Suppose this Georgia woman had been shot. This is exactly the kind of crazy stuff for which actual victims should be able to sue. Some critics have pointed out that you can already file a claim against someone’s homeowner’s insurance — but not everyone owns a home. If this handgun owner knew his mandatory insurance premiums would go up dramatically if his grandkids got hold of his gun, he might have been a little more careful. Right, grandpa?

A 10-year-old Aiken trick-or-treater pulled a gun on a woman who said she would take his candy on Halloween.

According to a police incident report, the 28-year-old victim told authorities she recognized some boys from her neighborhood while they were trick-or-treating about 6:30 p.m. Monday near Schroeder and George streets and jokingly told them she would take their candy.

One 10-year-old in the group of about 10 juveniles responded with “no you’re not …” and then pointed a 9 mm handgun at her.

According to Aiken Public Safety Lt. David Turno, the clip was not in the gun at the time, but the boy did have a loaded clip in his possession.

The boy’s brother, also 10, told authorities he also had a gun. The second weapon was recovered Tuesday morning.

I’ve always been adamant about letting kids wander in a house with guns. My father-in-law kept a loaded handgun in his bedside table, and refused to take the bullets out while we were visiting. That’s why my kids were never allowed to stay overnight with their grandparents. (I was “overreacting,” my mother-in-law told me. “Better safe than sorry,” I told her.)

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7 thoughts on “Woman threatened with gun by 10-year-old after she jokes that she’ll take his candy

  1. Soullite, your correct on the bullying point. But you have to admit that we just can’t let right wingers run around with loaded weapons threatening all of us without having the proper insurance right? Would you disagree that it’s mostly cowards who arm themselves? And armed cowards are very, very dangerous to the health of liberals and other living things.

  2. It’s hard to say if this was bullying as we weren’t there. But if she knew the kids and the joke was explicit then I have a hard time seeing it as bullying. Those children are out of control and the parents or whoever is allowing them to carry guns and teaching them knee-jerk reaction skills are completely to blame IMO.

  3. I guess I must have be a bully as well, because I made some jokes about whether there would be treats for the tricksters. But we all laughed, because everyone knew the tricksters would get their little treats.

    And one of the grandfathers handing out candy limited each child to just one treat.

    But, seriously, I do not see an adult known to the children joshingly saying she would take their candy is bullying! I think one can be a bit too literal about this.

    Now, letting kids this age go out of the house with actual guns? I go with stupid verging on negligent on that action by adults in those kids’ lives.

  4. And damn good thing the kid or kids didn’t pull this on someone who had their own gun, civilian or especially cop.

  5. What a dilemma:
    Halloween is a left-wing satanic pagan ritual — very bad!
    Ten-year-olds packing heat is Godly and patriotic — very good!

    I don’t know which position to take.

  6. The fuck are you people talking about? A KID has a gun and points it at an adult.

    I can’t even.

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