4 thoughts on “A picture worth a thousand words

  1. “In 2008, the minimum net worth of House Members was just over $1 billion. In 2010, it rose to $1.26 billion. Senators experienced a more modest increase during this same time period, going from $651 million in 2008 to $784 million last year. Roll Call notes that the real net worth of individual members is likely higher, since their estimates do not take into account non-income-generating properties such as private homes.”

    Not “likely”, but certainly.

    Beyond that, the methodolody is dependent on the individual financial disclosure statements, which are notoriously vague due to the lack of actual numbers, and the very broad categories of asset value. This study is based on the minimum in each asset category, which is unrealistic. Doubling that minimum would be conservative, which means that the average Senator is worth about $16 million, and the average Representative is worth about $6 million. Tripling it would probably me more realistic.

    And these people get free medical care of the highest quality, with no quibbling about eligibility, along with many paid expenses and untaxed perks, such as free luxury vacations.

  2. Is there anywhere that might associate a congress critter’s name with their respective pretty colored box???

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