6 thoughts on “Move Your Bank Day

  1. On Friday, we took the first steps, opening up several types of CU accounts, and shifting most of our $$$ from BofA and Chase to those accounts.
    Later, we will do more paperwork to set up direct deposit and automatic payment, and then close out the commercial bank accounts.

    As some right-wing trolls have noted (often sarcastically), the switchers tend to have small accounts, and the mega-customers will stay with the mega-banks, but this is still a start.

  2. I moved all my business out of the ‘Too Big To Fail’ twenty years ago when they first started fucking with fees.

  3. I’ve been in the process for three weeks. You really can’t do it all in one day anymore; it’s too complicated. In one more month, after I am certain direct deposits are going to my new account, then I’ll close out fucking BofA. It’s fun going in there, though, while 99%ers are holding signs out front! Ha ha ha ha!

  4. I don’t do banks of any sort. Of course, when you don’t have any money, it’s all all moot point. AMIRITE?

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