What truly organized labor can do

Susie posted something yesterday about how Ohioans, by a huge majority, voted to repeal Senate Bill 5—Gov. John Kasich’s plan to destroy collective bargaining rights. Let’s hope this is the first of many reversals of for the right-wing governors who are trying to dismantle the middle class.

This shows how much effort that went into the repeal campaign:

2 thoughts on “What truly organized labor can do

  1. Lucas Papademos, the one time economist at the US Federal Reserve Bank, is the new leader of Greece. He’ll be gone after the February 19, elections. In the meantime Papademos has been tasked with selling to the 1% all state owned assets. The oligarchy, the only group with money, is buying up, at fire sale prices, the public infrastructure of Greece including the national lottery. Meaning that every public utility now owned by the people of Greece will soon be owned by the 1%. A similar scenario is being played out in Italy and the United States. These moves aimed at setting up feudal states will trigger public uprisings the likes of which the world has never before seen. (Some Peaceful. Some not.) The IMF, the World Bank. and the WTO are not the 99%’s friends.

  2. With Papademos, Greece will not have the fox guarding the hen house.

    Oh, dear Greeks: Beware this fox and his many, many hungry friends in the One Percent (and those close enough who believe they can still get into that One Percent….

    The elected Greek officials and representatives clearly fear the banksters more than they fear the voters.

    This is a sadly amazing thing to watch in so many so-called democratic nations in Europe. And here, of course.

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