Patty Murray

They just don’t get it:

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Staff members for U.S. Sen. Patty Murray are holding a retreat at a Seattle-based firm that does federal lobbying work – using the space for free amid the Democrat’s crucial work as co-chair of the debt supercommittee.

Strategies 360 spokesman Paul Queary said Tuesday that Murray’s state staff was conducting two days of meetings in the company’s conference room. He said Murray’s state staff requested the space and that the room was being provided for free – something that has happened before with other groups.

“We aren’t involved in the meeting in any way,” Queary said.

A Murray spokesman did not return messages seeking comment. Strategies 360 provides a variety of consulting services and conducts lobbying work for a variety of clients in the nation’s capital, with disclosure forms filed this year showing the company has represented energy, environmental and medical interests.

4 thoughts on “Patty Murray

  1. Oh, they get it. They just don’t give a damn what the 99% thinks. After all it’s the 1% who owns all the wealth. That is all about to change.

  2. I wish they would all just stop “working” or whatever they are doing turn out the lights and just go home. Just stop. Send the staff’s home with a three month paid vacation, and just stop doing anything. There would be less damage done. The President and the White House too. Just stop. Go home, you miserable creatures, just stop and go home.

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