Obama’s silence speaks volumes

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed, weighed in today on the OWS mess, lest we forget the disgraceful abandonment of the poor and middle-class by Barack Obama, the anti-FDR:

“One of the appalling things here is that there are so many Democratic mayors involved in these crackdowns or in Bloomberg’s case, someone who is seen as a liberal,” Ehrenreich said in a telephone interview. “And where in all this was Obama? Why couldn’t he have picked up the phone at some point a couple of weeks ago and called the mayors of Portland and Oakland and said: ‘go easy on these people. They represent the anger and aspirations of the majority.’ Would that have been so difficult?”

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8 thoughts on “Obama’s silence speaks volumes

  1. How is it possible for Ehrenreich to be so dense. At whose behest does she imagine that these raids were done? Who organized the conference call for all the mayors? Obama wants these occupations shut down and he does not want his fingerprints on it.

    I only hope this teaches liberals the futility of working with the Democratic party and get behind the local liberal emergent party in their jurisdiction.

  2. gee, can’t someone tell this woman, who SEEMS to be bright, that obama is a bought-and-paid-for tool of the 1 percent? then she wouldn’t continue to make such embarrassing statements that cause us to question her intelligence.

  3. Well, look at what happened in Wisconsin and Ohio. Local movements of state government workers, labor, students, etc., were taken up by in state Democratic politicians to try to seek some redress from deliberate state budget imbalances caused by more tax cuts for the rich, attempts to make any collective bargaining illegal, etc.

    Did the national Democratic Party ever make an attempt to help out in those situations? No, except to send out fund raising requests, which one could easily ignore because it was so obvious that the National Democratic Party thought these local actions were kind of an embarrassment.

    And that is exactly the National party’s response again to OWS. And that is Obama’s position, too.

    Screw the Democrats. Vote Green.

  4. Bullshit.
    Obama is the President of the United States, not the goddamn Messiah.
    I voted for him him in 2008 because he was by far the lesser of two evils and I will vote for him again next year because he will again be the same.

  5. Bullshit to you too. I, for one, refuse to ever again vote for lesser of two evils. I will vote for something I believe.

    I’m sure not going to vote for your prick-in-chief.

  6. Obama has owed his soul to Wall Street from the day that running for president was just a twinkle in his eye. Why is anyone surprised at his position on #OWS?
    Ehrenreich is being polite and rhetorical. I’m sure that she knows what’s up.

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