2 thoughts on “Revenge Against the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg

  1. The plutocrats who trek each day from their 5th Avenue penthouses and Georgetown townhouses to the MSM studios are once again offering their sage advice to the OWS movement. #1–Anoint a leader. Maybe an Abbie Hoffman type. Or a nouveau Jerry Rubin. #2–Offer up a list of demands. It’s just not good enough, these overpaid sophers say, for OWS to tell us that income inequality and the grotesque accumulation of wealth by the 1% is at the root of America’s troubles. #3–Direct your ire at the politicians in Washington, D.C., and leave Wall Street which owns the political class alone. Do these smug neo-aristocrats offering this advice not realize that they are merely the paid propagandists of the 1%? Can they be that stupid? Or are they just greedy and corrupt?

  2. On the last question: all of the above. That’s why folks like Olbermann are so very important to offer up the 99% side of the story. Keith may do well financially, but he’s neither greedy, stupid, or corrupt, IMHO.

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