5 thoughts on “By the way

  1. My first thought was of your interview with Ted Rall, “a movement’s got to move.” Unless you start channeling Glen Beck or Bank of America you’re still my home page.

  2. i’ve always thought you were the one with her head up, breathing and situating the target and assessing the cross wind before narrowly focusing on the target-over-iron-sights and firing.

    also, i wouldn’t characterize the image as “girls with guns”, but as a class in firearms safety and marks(wo)manship. sort of a “which 2nd amendment” interpretation choice, unregulated possession or well regulated militia.

    this morning i’m sitting across the breakfast table from a women who, when the age of these girls, was a cadet in the civil air patrol and hoped to ferry combat aircraft to the war in the pacific.

  3. I always assumed Susie was second from the left ( I guess that’s the woman ebw describes so eloquently above). It’s not??? There goes my whole elaborately constructed fantasy of standing at the barricades side by side with you!

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