Sick bay

I’ve had a low-grade fever all day and let me tell you, this infection is really knocking it out of me. I probably shouldn’t have gone to the supermarket, but I needed to buy some of the bland food that’s all I’m allowed to eat.

Anyway, one of my relatives is a nurse, she told me this can be really dangerous and to take it seriously. Swell.

4 thoughts on “Sick bay

  1. That nurse is right. My mom ignored a diverticulitis caused fever and damn near died when her colon perforated due to the diverticulitis. If your fever goes up or the pain increases, get to the ER.

    Also, if you still have a fever by Monday, call your doctor.

    I hope you get better soon. I can imagine how miserable you feel. Be careful. Pay attention to your body.

  2. My brother had a close call with diverticulitis and recently a co-worker is suffering with the condition. Do NOT ignore the symptoms. But knowing you, that’s very . . . unlikely 🙂

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