Just another afternoon at the E.R.

But they did switch my medication, they did an ultrasound of both eyes and found NO signs of vitreous or retinal detachment, and referred me to the ophthalmology clinic ASAP to rule out any other problems. If they don’t find anything, I guess it’s off to neurology!

The receptionist told me she sees more people without insurance than she does with it. “I’ve worked here eight years part-time, hoping to get brought on full-time with benefits, but it hasn’t happened. I needed emergency surgery, and they told me to take all my money out of the bank and put it in a safety deposit box so I’d qualify for Medicaid, but that didn’t work,” she said. “Finally, they agreed to do it for me for free — but only because I worked here.”

She said she’s been going to school and finally got an LPN, “so maybe I can get health insurance somewhere.”

7 thoughts on “Just another afternoon at the E.R.

  1. I hope everything turns out okay. Please take care of yourself. You’re important to more people than you know.

  2. I hope you hurry up and get well, Suze. If I had a safety deposit box with some cash in it, you’d be the first person I’d send it to………….we love you………….get well…….SOON!

  3. It’s amazing the way you weave a non-personal narrative (the new LPN’s story) to your information regarding your illness. i along with your many fans truly hope to see you fully recover soon and appreciate your journalism! As to health-care, until we take it from insurance companies and either nationalize it like in Canada and elsewhere, it’s only going to get worse until only the 1% can afford it.

  4. I wish there was something I could do to help. The best help I can offer is to stop giving medical advice. :-))

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