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stephen dossick MD on November 20, 2011 at 10:54 pm said:
Hi bmaz, Wheel,

Since my first post to you 6 1/2 weeks ago when the cops sprayed the hippy chicks that Saturday on 12th street below my office window, I have become the volunteer psychiatrist to OWS, Zuccotti version. (yes, I have stories). Well today, I had to leave my beloved Dolphins in the 3rd qtr to go downtown to our Medical Support group meeting–it’s me and a bunch of commie docs. BTW, they allow my fins back on TV now, and Matt Moore can play! They must have been going nuts at the official fins NY bar, Third and Long. Anyway, I want to give you an update on those brain dead cops. Monday night they completely destroyed our new medical tent and supplies as well as our treatment records. They dragged out a woman who was sleeping there because she recently had heart surgery. But the worst thing I heard at our meeting was that some of the peoples’ dogs are missing after the raid, and people are saying they were swept up with the tents. The motherfucking NYPD threw the doggies in the trash. That is seriously bad law enforcement.

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  1. Speaking of “bastards” where’s Hillary? 35 people have been killed and more than 1000 injured by the military dictatorship in Egypt since Thursday and not a single word from Hillary’s State Department. What a hypocrite.

  2. Get those doggies in the news! Even people who think that the dirty fucking hippies are only getting what they deserve still get apologetic over animal cruelty.

  3. Imhotep, I believe she’s in Myanmar talking with Aung Song Su Kyi.
    Also not the most peaceful place on earth.

  4. Imhotep, she-s a 1%er, what in hell do you expect. She orchestrated the blood bath in Guatamala for the $$$$$$$$$ people, you know..

  5. Foolish me, maybe I got my countries confused,I thought the SoS handled international missions, not intraborder events. Regardless, you want the SoS to deal with some missing dogs? Forgetaboutit!

  6. Chris, thanks for Sam Smith link. Sam Smith at is one of my favorite people in the left media. He is on Sirius Left’s Mark Thompson’s show “Make It Plain” every Monday in the final hour. He always has a perspective I haven’t heard expressed on the latest stories. He has a wonderful demeanor that devastates in a soft spoken way. We could all learn from Sam Smith.

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