Fox News moron: Why the fuss about pepper spray?

Megyn Kelly is:

A. Just another pretty face spouting misinformation on TV.
B. A mouthpiece for corporatists.
C. A and B

The answer is C, of course. It seems she’s also an expert on police violence, probably because of her extensive experience as an on-the-scene reporter at Occupy protests (joking). More here.

5 thoughts on “Fox News moron: Why the fuss about pepper spray?

  1. Yes, that’s exactly why military around the world use it against their citizens. It’s a condiment. What-a-twat!

  2. ………and she ain’t what i call pretty…………bleach and blond don’t neccesarily equal pretty…………….

  3. i don’t see the fuss. It’s like that cheese in a spray can stuff, except spicy. I put it on my eggs, homefries,what have you.

    Sure sometimes it gets in my eyes, it’s still much more convenient than that stupid bottle with the little hole that gets clogged up all the time.

  4. Sure, it’s a food product, essentially … and she’s a doctor, essentially, except her last name isn’t Ecologist. Other than that, though?

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